How Much Revenue Are You Losing From Organic Traffic Declines?

Learn how to diagnose a traffic loss, identify what may have caused it, and determine what you can do to recover.

6 Quick Ways to Stabilize Your Business With Multiple Revenue Streams

6 Quick Ways to Stabilize Your Business With Multiple Revenue Streams

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Why Is My Website Losing Organic Traffic?


00:00 – Introduction
06:34 – User Behavior
10:00 – Algorithmic Update
12:55 – How do you properly communicate with a client about traffic not coming back and how do you pivot their content strategy?
15:45 SERP Volatility
20:44 Website Penalty
22:25 Now you’ve got a template to show a little bit more behind the scenes, correct?
30:00 Do you start your analysis based on what you see happening with the traffic?
31:31 Are you using this checklist guide to formulate some thoughts or are you going right to pulling the data?
37:23 Was there anything else that you wanted to talk about in regard to the traffic loss analysis?

9 Reasons You’re Losing Organic Traffic

Losing organic traffic is a frustrating experience, as there’s no way to really know what’s happening. Our agency has helped hundreds of website’s get their rankings back using this exact same analysis process presented in this video.


0:00 – Intro
0:43 – Diagnose the type of traffic loss
3:25 – Review lost keywords in GSC
4:32 – Check for technical issues in GSC
5:20 – Look for penalties in GSC
5:40 – Check for impact from algo updates
6:34 – Deep scrub for issues in Google Analytics
8:03 – Check on your competitors
9:00 – Review for SERP real estate loss
10:32 – Stale website

Need help? We’d love to help you decipher your loss of organic traffic and get your rankings back on track. Schedule a free consultation here: