How To Evaluate Site Quality For Link Building

Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your link-building programs while reducing the risks associated with them.

Link Building ROI: How To Calculate The Value Of Backlinks

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you exactly how to measure ROI from link building, because link building is really important for your site, but at the same time, you can’t pay the bills with backlinks.

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Link Building: 17 Ways to Build Good Quality Backlinks

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Pages with a lot of backlinks rank higher than those with less.

It’s just a fact.

It’s how it’s always been and it’s how we expect it to stay.

Good quality backlinks from reputable websites are the SEO equivalent of a bunch of influential people pointing at you saying;

‘This person is cool! They have great content and you can trust them!’

…but it’s significantly less weird.

Actually getting these backlinks isn’t as simple as just posting content and hoping someone links back to you, so today’s video covers 17 different ways to get backlinks.

If you’re thinking, ‘I already know a bunch of ways to get backlinks, but no one is responding to my outreach emails! What do I do?’

Luckily for you, we’ve included a section that specifically covers proven outreach techniques.

If you’d prefer to get this info in written form, check out our blog post, ‘17 Ways to Earn 100 Valuable Backlinks in 30 Days’

⏲ Timestamps
00:00 — Intro
01:51 — Basic Backlink Techniques
16:29 — Advanced Backlink Techniques
29:30 — Paid Backlink Techniques
32:51 — Bonus Tip

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Link Building Strategies – How To Get Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Discover the best link building strategies and follow our backlink tutorial to improve your Google SEO efforts. Learn how to get quality backlinks to your website and our link building tutorial is updated for 2018 and 2019.

Link Building Tutorial:

1 – Create Quality Content – The number one way to get people to link to your website is to consistently create great content on your website.

2 – Repurpose Content – If you have a great article, you can turn that into a video, podcast, infographic, and more. I see a ton of success and many more shares and backlinks when I can create a few great pieces of content and turn it into one. My YouTube videos regularly get shares and backlinks, and my website gets more when I add my content their as well.

3 – Content Marketing – If you can build an engaged audience on social media and your email list, they will help amplify your content. Your biggest fans generally have websites as well and even if they don’t, they will share your content on social media. The ultimate goal is to get more eyeballs because those people are going to help with your link building.

4 – Guest Blogging, Podcasting, Interviews, Videos, etc. –

Link Building has changed over the years and a recent remark by Google’s John Mueller reminded me to tell people about my backlink strategy. John Mueller said: “If *you’re* making quality links to your site, then that would be considered against our webmaster guidelines, and by that, those links would definitely not be considered “quality”.”

SERoundTable Story:

Google Webmaster Central Help Forum Discussion on Backlinks and Creating New Backlinks with John Mueller’s Comments:!topic/webmasters/ZN_kjT7CZDc/discussion

I don’t claim to have the greatest Link Building Strategy and

Backlinks for Beginners – Backlinks are when other websites link to your website. Google tracks all backlinks and uses them as a piece of their Google Search Algorithm. A website with quality content and a lot of backlinks will generally always rank high, whereas a website with little to no content or low-quality content, without a link of backlinks will not rank well.

Helpful Link Building Tutorials and Resources:

Neil Patel:

Robbie Richards:



Backlink Checker Tools:

How To Identify Site Quality For Link Building | SMX 2020

One of the most misunderstood concepts in SEO is how to evaluate a site for “quality”. As a result, you may be leaving sites out of your outreach that can drive ranking… or you may be including sites that will provide no value (or carry the potential to get you penalized). If you want to scale up a high-impact link building program while lowering risk, this presentation is for you. We’ll go through an in-depth analysis of what website elements need to be evaluated in order to determine “site quality” for link building.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

Analyze a site
Identify the key areas of a site to review
Understand the difference between metrics v. quality reviews

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