SMS Holiday Marketing: 8 Tips To Grow Your Audience & Reach

Discover how to make successful SMS marketing campaigns during the holiday season with these practical and effective expert tips.


Use Email & SMS Marketing THE RIGHT WAY! Tune in and find out how you increase sales ORGANICALLY within your Shopify store!

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SMS Marketing Tips for eCommerce Stores – 9 Tips | Marketing 360

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SMS Marketing Tips for eCommerce Stores – 9 Tips

Text message marketing is a great way to get instant traffic and sales to your eCommerce store. The question is, how do you best take advantage of it? Let’s walk through 9 tips on how to do that.

1 – First off, make sure to get setup with a text message marketing platform that’s easy to use. Not sure where to start? Check out the text message marketing features within Marketing 360 at A text message marketing software allows your customers to text you to opt-in and receive messages. It also allows you to build automated journeys, schedule messages to go out at certain times like holiday’s, etc.

2 – Make sure you understand the difference between text message marketing and email marketing. Why text message marketing and not just email marketing? Well, text message marketing is far more effective with regards to open rate and engagement! That said, you need to be careful not to use it too much or people will opt-out. The key is to make sure there’s a ton of value you’re providing with every text.

3 – Before you can send text messages, you need subscribers. So you need to build up your subscriber list. A great way to get people to opt-in is to Include a CTA on your website, social media profiles, email templates, checkout register, etc… to get people to opt-in.

4 – A good CTA to get people to opt-in for eCommerce stores is something like…Text “VIP Deals” to “39970 to receive an Instant 10% off coupon code and occasional jaw dropping specials! You can setup an automated message that sends shoppers a coupon code as soon as they opt-in! Once opted in, you can now text them whenever you want! But don’t send more than one text per month.

5 – I recommend setting up another automated message just after somebody opts-in asking them what their name and birthday is. Based on that, you could send them an automated coupon on their birthday wishing them a happy b-day!

6 – I’d also recommend you build campaigns that send around all the major holidays. Every month has a key day or two you could build a campaign around to wish your customers a nice holiday and offer them another coupon code to use!

7 – Another great way to use text message marketing is to send special deals on inventory you’re trying to clear. This is a good way to get a surge of sales at the end of the month so you can hit your sales goals! Plus, clear some storage and shelf space!

8 – Ask for referrals & reviews. If you feel your deals truly are highly valuable deals. Ask your subscribers to tell their friends about it! Say something like “Here’s a coupon code as a thank you for subscribing to our VIP deals. Have any friends that would like deals like this also? We’d be ecstatic if you asked them opt-in also! Just have them text VIP Deals to 39970 to join the club!”. Ask for reviews. Say something like, “Thank you for being a loyal subscriber and customer. If you’ve not done so already, we’d really appreciate it if you left us a review! Here’s a coupon code as a thank you. Click here to leave a review.”

9 – Keep it short and sweet!

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What Can SMS Do For You? | Holiday Marketing Reboot

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