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    Creamy Vegan “Cheese” Sauce

    I’m not vegan but, man, I love a good vegan “cheese” sauce. Here’s why: you control the flavors, consistency, and can go so many directions with it! I like my sauces pretty flavorful, a little spicy, and relatively thick (don’t you just love when the sauce sticks perfectly between the ridges of a rotini?) There are a few things that make this sauce great: Cashews- you can use walnuts or almonds, but the consistency won’t be quite as smooth Vinegar- this provides a great acidity for the sauce, you could also use lemon juice! Spices- the spices in this sauce give it the great flavor and make it so versatile!…

  • miso glazed salmon with veggies and farro

    Miso Glazed Veggie Bowl

    Do you ever feel like you’re in a cooking rut? Always getting the same items from the grocery store, having the same thing for breakfast, and cooking the same things for dinner every week? I hear you. I have been feeling the same way recently. And I’m also here to tell you, it’s so easy to switch it up just by making some simple swaps! I transformed my typical “Asian veggie bowl” into something with unique flavors and textures just by swapping out a few items. Swap #1: Grains My go-to grain is brown rice, sometimes quinoa, but mainly brown rice. This time, I switched it up with farro! Farro…